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I am passionate about sharing my love for science with others. You can read more about some of the projects I've been involved with below, and if you'd like to involve me in your event please get in touch.

Science Communication: Research
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I have experience appearing on TV and radio in both the UK and South Africa discussing my research and other astronomy topics. Some examples can be found here, and if you're interested in working with me please get in touch. I'm happy to discuss any astronomy, astrophysics or space related news story.

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I enjoy making space and astronomy accessible to as broad an audience as possible - I've written several articles aimed at the general public about my research. The pieces I've written for The Conversation can be found here.



I love chatting about space and have taken part in numerous outreach activities, engaging people of all ages from primary school learners to adults.

I have given public talks to a diverse range of audiences from school groups to astronomy societies. If you'd like me to give a talk please get in touch.

Science Communication: Projects
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